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Why Choose Us to Manage Your Homeowners Association?

Heritage_Bank_ACH_form fillable PDF


List of Common Questions:

1. Question: What is my late fee date and what is the penalty for my association?

Answer: The monthly statement indicates both the late date and the penalty. 

You may also email to ask for the answer to this question. 

The fees are listed in your annual disclosure packets.


2. Question: Where do I send my check or online payment?

Answer: Please send to:

Heritage Bank
HOA Remittance Processing
P.O. Box 1438
San Jose, CA 95109-1438


Please make the check payable to your Association and include your account number for proper crediting. You may call the bookkeeping department to get your account number if you do not know it.


3. Question: To whom do I make my payment payable?

Answer: Please make your online payment or check payable to the association to which you belong. The payment must have your account number on check or the bank will not know where to apply the payment.


4. Question: Does the association accept credit cards?

Answer: Credit cards are only accepted if you make payment on the bank’s website.  For Heritage Bank please use this link Please note there is a bank fee for credit card payments


5. Question: Whom do I contact if I am interested in having my dues electronically deducted from my bank account?


Answer: You may email to ask for the answer to this question

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